Girls basketball, 3/1/10: Cosby 88, Dale 83 (OT)

Posted On: Monday, March 01, 2010
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Girls basketball, 3/1/10: Cosby 88, Dale 83 (OT)


Thomas Dale 11 16 17 32  7 – 83

Cosby          18 22 17 19 12 – 88
Thomas Dale (25-1): Frye 26, Johnson 34, Williams 0, Hobbs 2, Bradley 11, Sweeney 10. Totals: 32 12-17 83. 3-point goals: Frye 4, Sweeney 2, Bradley.
Cosby (26-2): Nichols 5, Conyers 12, Wann 23, Bertrand 19, Pitts 26, Lennox 0, Vaughan 3. Totals: 30 20-32 88. 3-point goals: Bertrand 2, Conyers 2, Nichols, Wann, Pitts, Vaughan.


What’s going on? It’s Stephen Lewis back with you for the Central Region girls basketball final.

We’ve got a good one, the Cosby Titans, sporting a 25-2 record, 23-0 versus region competition, against unbeaten Thomas Dale (25-0).

Stick and stay for updates from this contest. Later tonight, we’ll have video highlights and interviews and a final box score as well.

Don’t move!


Ka’lia Johnson has her first foul for Dale, only 42 seconds into the contest. Let’s keep in eye on this, the Knights need her in the contest, still scoreless.

Until Becca Wann nails a 3-pointer for Cosby.

Johnson answers with a nifty two-point goal. She has a free throw, too, it’s good, tie game, 3-3 early.

Pitts too big inside, Cosby 5-3, 5 minutes left. Now Andrea Bertrand gets in the act with a trey ball. Cosby hot, 8-3.

Kelsey Conyers with an offensive rebound and score, answered by 3 from Alyssa Frye. Cosby 12-6, 3:00 to go.

Frye again, frying Cosby with another trey, 12-9 Cosby. Timeout Dale with 2:27 to go.

Conyers with another runner, Cosby 14-9. Wann has picked up her second foul, but picks up a fastbreak basket.

Johnson answers, Cosby 16-11. Wann puts in two FTs, Cosby ahead by 7 at the end of the first, 18-11 Cosby.


Bertrand and Conyers drill 3-pointers to open the quarter, 24-11 Cosby. Taylor Bradley puts in two for Dale.

Johnson’s back in and attacks for two, 24-15 Cosby.

Now Kaylor Nichols drops in a 3-pointer for Cosby, everyone is contributing for the Titans. WOW, what a look to Andrea Bertrand from Jazmin Pitts.

Johnson’s frustrated, timeout Dale, down 14 points with 5:11 to go in the half.

10 HUGE points already from Kelsey Conyers, 32-17 Cosby dominating.

Johnson is playing extremely hard, putback to bring Dale within 13.

No rebounding for the Knights. Bertrand with a putback and a chance at a three-point play…no good, but Wann gets the offensive rebound and two!

Cosby 36-19, until Frye buries another trey 36-22. Knights pull within 11, but coach Rachel Mead goes back inside to Pitts for two, with a chance at three, she misses another FT, 0-5 now.

Johnson with a pull-up, then forces a Bertrand turnover. Cosby leads 40-27 at the half. Dale needs to look at their defense while Cosby wants to keep Wann and Pitts from getting their third foul early in the second half.

Johnson and Frye have all but two of Thomas Dale’s points. Back with second half action in 10 minutes!

First-half scoring leaders: Dale – Frye 13, Johnson 12 (nine boards). Cosby – Bertrand 12, Conyers 10, Wann nine.


More of the same, two easy baskets for Cosby, 44-27 early.

Johnson goes to the bench with her third foul, trouble for Dale. Frye with a bucket, Dale still down 13 points, however.

Bradley scores on the break, then hits a 3-pointer in transition. 9-0 run says my intern Terrell Thompson, 3:49 to go, Dale down eight points. We might have a game.

Adriane Vaughan, a Cosby reserve, knocks in three. Cosby pulling away again, up 13.

Johnson to Shawnee Sweeney on the break, Dale down 10, 1 minute left. Johnson another sick drive, dale still down 10.

Pitts steps out for a 3-pointer! Oh my!!! KJ, looking, stutter, hits Frye, her 3 is long. No damage done either way, Cosby still ahead by 13 points at the end of three.


Johnson for two, but Pitts answers. Dale can’t get consistent stops.

Johnson and Pitts are scoring at will for both sides, Dale still down 12 as Cosby’s offense is running well.

Defensive breakdown, Bertrand for an easy lay. Cosby up 63-49, 6 minutes. Frye, wow, she’s playing well, another two-pointer.

Uh-oh, Johnson picked up her fourth foul, 5:40 left.

No matter, she’s still taking over, two drives to the cup, a feed to Frye for two straight buckets, Dale down five points! We have a game, 4:16 to go, 65-60 Cosby.

Wann to the line, one-and-one. First is good, second is true. Cosby 67-60.

Pitts now has four fouls as Bradley goes to the line and hits the first. Second, too. Dale down five.

Johnson is ridiculous, but Bertrand’s going at her on foul trouble. Cosby ahead by five, 2:15 left.

Their freezing the ball, Wann hits an FT, then Johnson gets stripped by Nichols. Wann back at the line, Cosby up 72-66, 54.6 left.

First is good. Second off, Johnson with the board. Frye knocks in two FTs, Bertrand goes 1 for 2. Dale down five.

Sweeney hits from deep! Dale trails by three points, 74-71. 32 seconds left. I told everyone this will be a classic!

Pitts to the line, 30.5 seconds to go. She’s been off at the line, let’s she if she’s clutch.

She bounces one in, Cosby up two possessions. The same bounce on both shots, must be Cosby’s night.

Maybe not, Johnson down the lane again, whew, 76-73 Titans, 22.5 left. Time out Knights.

Bertrand turns it over. Out of bounds play, gets it back to Johnson, drive and kick for Frye. Nothing but net.

Dale frantic on defense, stops Cosby from getting a shot off. OT!!!


Pitts rims out, Johnson with a sick crossover and hang, Dale leads 78-76! First lead of the game.

Wann up to the task, hits two FTs. Tie game.

Johnson again, this is ridiculous. She’s showing off now. Dale 80-78, with Pitts going to the line.

It rims out on the first. Second is true, Dale 80-79.

Johnson turns it over twice, Cosby up 83-80 on conversions off mistakes. Johnson pulls up for the tie, it’s short.

Wann knocks in one free throw, Cosby leads 84-80, 36 seconds to go. Sweeney bounces in another trey, 84-83 with 24.5 seconds left.

Did I say this would be a classic? Timeout Dale.

Knights send Nichols to the line. She hasn’t been there today. First is nice. Second rolls in. How about that, clutch play from Nichols. Cosby up 86-83, 21.9 to go. Timeout Titans.

Sweeney drives and loses it out of bounds.

Wann is fouled. She knocks in both FTs as Cosby claims another Central Region crown, 88-83 over Cosby. WHAT A GAME!

Please come back for highlights later, this was an unbelievable contest. Congrats to both teams! BOX SCORE COMING!

Cosby will face Eastern Region runner-up Lake Taylor back at VCU’s Siegel Center Friday at 6 p.m. in the state quarterfinals.

Dale will travel to William & Mary on Saturday to face Eastern Region champion Princess Anne at 4:45 p.m.

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